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Personal Lists - How to make personal lists more personal!
You will see these buttons when you click on the Matchcode button that is on the right side of a field in a transaction.  The Matchcode button is used when you need to search for the data to use in a field.
Insert in personal list Button   
  • Insert selected data into Personal Value List.
  • Add as many as you need.
  • Personal Value List comes up as default when values are added.

Personal Value List Button 
  • Button enabled when item added to Personal Value List.
  • Displays data items added to your Personal Value List.
  • Personal Value List is specific to that field, and values will be the same across all transactions containing that field.
Delete from Personal Value List Button
  • Only displayed when viewing Personal Value List.
  • Deletes a selected data item from your Personal Value List.
  • Is permanent.
  • Right click on a value for Delete from Personal List option from context menu.
Thank you to Jackie Combs from UIL Holdings Corporation for the suggestion to talk about personal lists!  Jackie is one of our repeat TIPsters, LOL!  You are SUPER!

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