SAPinsight Rebranding to SUNsource!

 We're changing our name, but not our Vision!

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SAPinsight will become SUNsource!  “SUN” is our acronym for “Super User Network”. Our community is the source for igniting and uniting the passion and power of enterprise Super Users.

Our Vision: Every Enterprise Super User Across the Globe… Ignited and United!


SAPinsight is moving to the next chapter of our journey, rebranding from SAPinsight to SUNsource.  Why are we doing this?  Well, through multiple years of discussion among the Leader Board and the Executive Advisory Board members, and members of our community regarding the need to open our arms officially to all enterprise Super Users, we knew this would be part of our journey.  With the publishing of our system-agnostic book, The Super User (R)evolution, along with non-SAP companies reaching out wondering if they can be a part of our community, we all felt the timing is perfect.

The story:


  • You must start somewhere.  The Super User community started as SAPinsight, which was focused on supporting SAP Super Users, though we realized the power of the Super User expands well beyond SAP technologies.
  • “It’s not about the technology”This quickly became a theme after forming the Leader Board in January 2014.  This Leader Board is made up of passionate Super User Leaders.  These people live in the heart of Super User value!  Within their first few meetings, they were already discussing the fact that Super Users are not just tied to one technology.  They are experts in business process, regardless of the technology.  And, members of our Leader Board had Super Users who were not even SAP users.
  • So why didn’t we change then?  We can get to the heart of the answer to this question with a single word – scale.  In order for the SAPinsight community to be the productive community that it was intended to be for these incredible Super Users, we needed to focus on a large, established network.  The SAP Super User network represented our longest relationships and strongest connections.
  • What does this mean for SAP Super Users?  The change from SAPinsight to SUNsource means that SAP Super Users can become part of an even larger community of business process experts – people who are passionate about the business, regardless of the technology.  Not only does this expand the opportunity to learn from new members of the community, but it also expands your knowledge across technologies and can even create opportunities for career growth and expanding your expertise!  We are SUPER excited about these possibilities for our community members!
  • What does this mean moving forward?  What can you expect?  It means you’ll see some new faces around the community.  It means you’ll be exposed to new ideas, new perspectives, and new challenges that span beyond SAP technologies.  It also means that the focus is still on YOU, the Super User and business process expert.  SUNsource is about Super Users and that does not change.  We’re here to support you on your journey – wherever it may take you.
  • Does this ignite you, or even strike a spark?  If yes, unite with us today.  You aren’t just joining, you are uniting with passion to redefine what the world knows about Super Users.  We are a community OF Super Users and BY Super Users.  Together we will bring big change and SUPER value for Super Users, Super User Leaders, your Super User Network, and by extension to your end users, the drivers, and your company.
  • When does this happen?  The rebranding will officially finalize at our annual event, SEE18, although you will see communications on different channels prior to SEE18.


What others have to say about our rebranding…

Rachel McIntosh, Super User Leader, Southwest Airlines, and SAPinsight/SUNsource Leader Board Member


SAPinsight paved the way for companies to understand the role of the Super User, establish the value of the Super User in an organization, and provide a community for Super Users to network and share knowledge.  It is from this networking and knowledge sharing that I have been exposed to a plethora of tools, systems, and techniques that other Super Users are leveraging to be successful in their roles.  The realization that the value of a Super User is not in the tool specifically, like SAP or Oracle, but in the business process expertise supported by many tools lent itself to the idea that reshaping the brand to be tool-agnostic is best for the Super Users and the community.  The vision has always been to have an all-inclusive platform for information and networking for Super Users. The name didn’t fully align with that vision which hindered growth so a re-brand was necessary.


Lisa Ayala, Manager, Super User Program, Schlumberger, and SAPinsight/SUNsource Leader Board Member


The re-branding to SUNsource is timely as it reflects the adaptation many organizations and communities are making in the way we work.  Our vision with a Super User Network is to connect the members who deliver the outcomes of the business process.  While insight into the business process is advantageous, the real value of a community lies in the strength of our knowledge network, to draw upon the connections we establish, spanning time, locale, systems and practices.  We are excited about the possibilities that arise when we expand the lens of our perspective, learning from the vantage point of those we engage with, making a similar journey in their business.


Ryan O’Neil, Global Marketing at Citrix, and SAPinsight/SUNsource Executive Advisory Board Member


SAPinsight was founded to serve an under-served group of individuals that were highly critical to the success of complex, multi-year SAP implementations – the Super Users within the business.  Due to the popularity of SAP technology in helping businesses re-design their business operations and processes, SAPinsight focused on this network of Super Users to shape and grow the community.  Over time, it became apparent that it’s not the technology that defines the value of the Super User network, but rather the people themselves – the business process experts – that drive the value.  This realization is the catalyst to rebrand from SAPinsight to SUNsource.  SUNsource now represents and supports Super Users driving value across any technology in critical business processes.  Having been a Super User in my career, I encourage all Super Users to participate, network, and contribute to this community.


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  1. Ginger Luttrell on July 31, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    I am really excited about officially opening up our community to all enterprise Super Users! Let me know what’s on your mind.

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