Reassigning Checks to Payment Documents

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Reassigning Checks to Payment Documents

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"Query Title: Checks assigned to Incorrect Payments
Two invoices A & B were entered into the system using transaction FB60, then they were both paid using transaction F-53. Two checks were then assigned to the payments using transaction FCH5. However the checks that were assigned were in a different order from the ones that were actually written. For example, check B was assigned to invoice A and check A was assigned to invoice B. We would like to correct this issue by reassigning the correct check numbers to the correct payments.
Reassignment of Checks to payment documents:
Step 1 - Transaction code FCHT
Step 2 - Enter the information from your Check A and B as I have in my example.  I am using data from my SAP environment so please use the data that is specific to your issue. 
Once ready press - Change Assignment

Step 3 - The checks have now been reassigned and 'swaped' with the payment documents. You will receive a message in the status bar as follows:.."
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