Super Users and Leaders – you made it! If you’ve looked through the website at all, you should know by now that this Community is for YOU! We are continually adding content you need, the events you want, and the networking opportunities to push you to a whole new level of SUPER. Becoming a Community Member allows you to get discounts on products and events, get involved with unique opportunities afforded by our Partners, and connect with others who share the same thoughts and challenges as you.


But wait!!! Being a Member of this groundbreaking Community is WAY more than just content, a website, and an annual conference. This Community is about promoting and raising up the awareness of the importance and value of Super Users! This is a HUGE deal, and it’s already making an impact. Super Users are already becoming much more widely recognized present day than they were even a few years ago. Become a part of something amazing. And seriously… we do this for you, but we can’t do it without you! So come on in, we can’t wait to welcome you!


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Our content is tailor-made for Super Users and Leaders, and we are constantly working with Super Users to come up with new ways to deliver what you care about most. Join today, take advantage of what we have to offer, and contribute/suggest your own content!


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Do you value your Super Users?  Are you ready to take them to the next level?  Providing them with a Corporate Membership to the only Community that supports the improving practice and performance of Super Users is a great show of support.  Our Corporate Membership opens access to an unlimited amount of your Super Users? 


A Corporate Membership gets you all the benefits of an the individual paid member, plus:


  • 50% off our 1 day expert workshop

This one day workshop is facilitated by a SAPinsight certified expert in Super User Communities.  This includes exposure to the SAPinsight SUPER Model, a model for building or strengthening a sustainable, high value Super User Program.  The workshop is tailored to your specific needs and is open to an unlimited number of people in your company.


  • Unlimited number of Super User Accounts

With this Membership, an unlimited number of Super Users can sign up for accounts and learn from out online content, as well as engage with other Community Members.


  • Super User Leader Connections

Do you value connecting with other Super User Leaders to share lessons learned and best practices?  With this Membership, these connections are a click away.  Schedule 1:1 meeting, virtual group discussions, and more.  This alone can more than pay for your Membership.


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