SAPinsight Enterprise Super User Program Model



Your company has Super Users. You have them by default or by design. Which one is yours?


Companies no longer have to go down this journey alone, hoping they are doing the right things and steering clear of the not-so-right things.


The SAPinsight Enterprise Super User Program Model provides your company with an award-winning best practice model to build and/or strengthen your program by design. This model has been used in building sustainable Super User Programs since 1999.


The SAPinsight Enterprise Super User Model is a balanced performance model that guides companies in building, sustaining, and maturing a high performance Enterprise Super User Program that will:

  • Develop and retain key talent

  • Improve end user productivity

  • Reduce time-to-value for IT projects

  • Enhance the business to IT partner relationships,

  • Bridge cross-functional awareness, understanding, and performance.

The SAPinsight Enterprise Super User Model provides a way to frame up an Enterprise Super User Community so that it exists as its own structure within the fabric or DNA of your company. It consists of four Key Performance Areas (KPAs) combined with the support layer that ensures unbroken sustainability.


The Key Performance Areas (KPAs) are activity areas in which the Enterprise include:

    1. Support
      Support to business process end users during day to day operations that are not associated with a formal project.


    1. Projects
      Support to projects that ensures


    1. Operating Platform
      Mission, processes, procedures, governance, tools, budget, cadence… the operating code.


    1. Community of Knowledge
      Team and individual training, education, knowledge & skills enhancement, collaboration, networking, and all the activities that improve the capabilities of the individual Super Users and the team as a whole.


The Support Layer consists of:


    1. Leadership
      This is the leadership within the program itself. This includes the executive sponsor, the owner, and the leader.


    1. Organizational Support
      This includes the extended partner network you need for a healthy, sustainable, constantly
      maturing program. These are IT, HR, continuous improvement, managers of the Super
      Users in the program, and more.


When all of the foundational pieces are put in place, the sweet spot of performance comes in the form of:

  • A higher performance to the cross-functional business processes,

  • Business process improvements from the front line,

  • Overall increase in user productivity and accuracy,

  • Key talent development and retention.

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