Built-in Clipboards, the SAPscript Clipboards


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Steven Hale shared details on the built-in clipboards to save data entry time. We mentioned his contributions in a past tip - here is the detailed information on this topic! By the way Steven, LOVE the pup!

Built-in Clipboards, the SAPscript Clipboards

Here are the details promised on another great tip shared by Steven Hale.
These clipboard options are available in what's called the SAPscript editor.  Check out SAPinology for an explanation of this.  For this tip, let's use transaction code ME52N - Change Purchase Order.
Once you are in the transaction, make sure
  1. The Header section of the screen is expanded,
  2. The Texts tab is selected, and
  3. The SAPscript editor is opened by clicking on the expand button in the text type selection field, and click on SAPscript editor.

Once you click on 3 SAPscript editor, the SAPscript editor window will open.

To copy the contents of one of the built in SAP clipboards, go to SAP menu path (be sure you are using the top SAP Menu Bar and not the text editor menu bar) Include  ►  Storage System  ►  User Clipboard  ►  

When you click on the desired Clipboard, the contents of the Clipboard are copied into the text screen at the cursor position.
Notice the Status Bar message confirms the Clipboard that was used for the copy.
NOTE: The SAP Menu path used to insert the Clipboard contents can change from transaction to transaction.  You may have to drill down into the different menu paths to find the insert function.  The menu path used in this transaction might not be so intuitive to the user who does not have direct instructions for accessing.
To save the Header text, click on the Back button .  The Save button is disabled here.  The text will be transferred into the transaction text box.  Notice the Status Bar message.

To save text to Clipboard 2,
  1. Go back into the SAPscript editor.
  2. Highlight the text you want to copy and save to a Clipboard 2.
  3. Go to SAP Menu path Edit  ►  Copy to User Clipboard  ►  Clipboard 2.
  4. Notice the Status Bar lets you know the Clipboard to which text was copied.

Click on the Back button  to return to the transaction screen.  The Clipboard contents are saved.
NOTE:  There are other nice functions available in this tool.  Dig around a little and see what you can find.  In future tips, we will explore more of the functions.


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