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Ginger is the Founder of SAPinsight, the official (and only) community dedicated to Super Users, and Super User Leaders.  Some call her the pioneer of SUPER!  Ginger has spent the last two decades immersed in Super User behaviors, practices, and experiences.  She has dedicated more time to this role than anyone on the planet, literally!  In 1998, Ginger launched her consulting practice with a request to help a large company rebuild their Super User Program.  In 1999, when no one really cared much about Super Users, unless they were needed on a project, Ginger created the SUPERmodel© after seeing that the existing method for building a Super User Program lacked the necessary structure to support post project sustainment. After repeated implementations, it withstood the test of time and proved its value with multiple programs winning prestigious President's awards.  Since then, Ginger continued to support many companies in building, refreshing, re-building, and strengthening their Super User programs.


Around 2005, Ginger was asked to get a group of companies together to network.  She unofficially launched SAPinsight as the identity for this grass roots local community.  In 2012, Ginger believed that changes in the market were going to shift focus from IT and deep into the business.  In December, 2013, with that belief and the support of many people, she officially launched the SAPinsight Community with the very first public Super User event in the world.


Long ago Ginger coined the phrase, “You have Super Users, either by design or by default.”  She goes on to say, “They are there whether you recognize them or not, whether you organize them or not.  That’s just who they are.  They are passionate and deeply service oriented.  They love helping other people, they love learning and understanding, they love helping their companies improve.  This is why I LOVE Super Users and have dedicated my career to them!  They are passionate warriors in your company.  Don’t you want to arm them with all the resources to really ignite SUPER?  Through the SAPinsight Community, we can now bring together the collective voice of Super Users to drive real value deep into the business.  That’s where we will have the true stories of real enterprise systems ROI.”


Trust us, Ginger has LOTS of SUPER stories and she is always willing to share.  Connect with and follow her on LinkedIn.  Follow the SAPinsight blog.  Reach out to her.  Ask her about her degree and how she started her career.  It might surprise you!


And, what’s she really like?  Well, most will tell you WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)!  She is honest, transparent, genuine, passionate, and loves helping people.  She is also very fun, playful, energetic, loves life, and if you get anywhere close to her she is very likely to hug you!  So if you get a chance, meet her!



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Community Director

Ashley Luttrell


SAPinsight came to life in 2013 with the mission of giving a voice and official identity to the SAP Super User Community. And boy has that voice been heard! The response has been amazing; from SAP Super Users, to Super User Leaders, our Community Partners, our Conference Sponsors, SAP, and those who support Super Users! Super Users, you are no longer under the radar.

Since our official launch in December 2013, we have been building and providing opportunities for this Community to Connect, Learn, Influence, and Contribute. A place where it all CLICks.

For 20+ years, You, the Super Users have been on your own within your own company. Now that changes. SAPinsight is your community. This is where you come together to validate your role and connect with your peers to learn and grow.

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