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Our Mission

The mission for this Community is to build awareness, definition, practice standards, and performance strength for the role of the Super User, Super User Leader, Super User Sponsors, and Super User Organizations. In doing this we will provide opportunities for Super Users to grow into best practices as individuals, teams, and communities.

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Community Partners

In SAPinsight’s world of SUPER, here is a typical description of a Super User:

  • An individual contributor in the business, not on the technology/IT side,
  • A current, regular user of an enterprise system, like SAP,
  • Has a strong understanding of their functional area business processes,
  • Genuinely enjoys helping other users,
  • Is the go-to person for support, the first line of defense for their colleagues,
  • Loves learning more about the systems and processes they instinctively support,
  • Passionate about making things better in their business.

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Community of Excellence Awards

Is your Super User Program a winner?

Nominate your program, or any program you think is SUPER! There are 3 different categories.
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Meet your Executive Advisory Board!

They are well-respected, accomplished executives with a passion for driving Super User value. Each brings decades of knowledge, experience, and wisdom in the SAP ecosystem and beyond. This, coupled with their deep and broad strategic relationships is helping shape the future for the Super Users.


Tony Caesar


PrimeSource Building Products


Heather Davis

Managing Partner

Collinwood Technology Partners


Ginger McCullough

VP Training & Change Mgmt

Brookshire Grocery Company


Henner Schliebs

VP/Head of Global Finance Audience Marketing



Ryan O’Neil

Global Strategy, Audience & Content Marketing



Jennifer Greer-Glanville

Meet your SAPinsight Leader Board!

This Charter group of Leaders will help to build out the framework with operating codes and strategic direction for our Community. We are so excited to have them on board… literally!!!


Terrie Walker


Lisa Ayala



Mark Delgado



Gus Lopes



Taryn Brown

City of Dallas

Leader Board Posts

SEE17 Sneak Peak: Southwest Airlines We SEE You!

Interview by Amber Christian, Founder - ConsultAce

“All you need is LUV. All you need is LUV. All you need is LUV, LUV, LUV is all you need”. I know you were singing that Beatles tune along with me.

What's Omar's take on Super Users? #SEE17 sneak peek with Omar Morales, Celanese

Interview by Amber Christian, Founder - ConsultAce

Ever wish you could become that highly sought after person, the one that is always wanted on new projects?  Is there a secret sauce for how to do this?  Read on to hear from Omar Morales from Celanese, as he holds the recipe.

Who is your Super User hero of choice?

Interview by Amber Christian, Founder - ConsultAce

“We could be heroes, me and you….. ou ou……” by Alesso is echoing through my head after my interview with Gus.

SEE sneak peek with Constance Darnell, City of Dallas

Interview by Amber Christian, Founder - ConsultAce

The shared experiences. The moments- the pain, the laughter, the growth- it makes us come alive!

Recruiting Super Users: Volunteers or Voluntold?

By Gus Lopes HollyFrontier
2015-2016 SAPinsight Leader Board Member

There are pros and cons to “how” you recruit Super Users to join your company’s Super User Program.

Changing our Mindset: A Super User Viewpoint

By Lisa Ayala, Cameron, a Schlumberger company. 2015-2017 SAPinsight Leader Board Member.

Executive sponsorship and management support are key to the success of a Super User program.

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