Our Mission

The mission for this Community is to build awareness, definition, practice standards, and performance strength for the role of the Super User, Super User Leader, Super User Sponsors, and Super User Organizations. In doing this we will provide opportunities for Super Users to grow into best practices as individuals, teams, and communities.

Community Partners


Welcome your 2015 Leader Board!

This Charter group of Leaders will help to build out the framework with operating codes and strategic direction for our Community. We are so excited to have them on board… literally!!!

Susan Stone
Sysco Foods
Terrie Walker
Julie Fawdington
Mark Delgato
Gus Lopes

Featured Speakers

  • Keynote – Jennifer Greer-Glanville, Sysco Foods
  • Super User Leader, Sysco Foods, Susan Stone
  • Super User Leader, McKesson, Terrie Walker
  • Super User Leader and Team, Sun Coast Resources
  • Organizational Change Expert, Barbara Weinberger
  • And more…

Super Users/Leaders

If your Super Users are reading this, chances are your Super Users/Leaders are interested in attending the 2015 SAPinsight Super User Conference in October. Not only is it important for them to be there for their own experience and knowledge, but it will benefit you, too!

If your Super Users learn just ONE tip about how to become more efficient and effective, and they share that with their fellow Super Users when they return, you will have more than earned back that conference fee!!

The Super User conference is the best time to CLICk.

C – (Connect) – Attendees will be able to connect and network with Super Users from many different companies and industries and see how they’re doing things. They will make new business connections. The Super User network is STRONG!

After attending training sessions, learning sessions, networking, and letting their creative juices flow at the conference, they will be excited to return to work and share! They will have so many great new ideas, and very real tips for making their own work more productive. Bonus for you!

L – (Learn) – They will attend sessions to learn:

  • New ways to do things in SAP.
  • About products and services to make their work more productive.
  • How Super Users from other companies are driving value in their companies.
  • Personal and team productivity skills like presentation skills and emotional intelligence for the Super User.
  • and more..

Not only are these sessions designed for them to learn as much as possible, they will also be able to talk to the speakers and experts to get their questions answered.

I – (Influence) – Super Users will be able to take what they learn at the conference and teach their peers and users back at work. By the time they leave on Day 2, you will have a notebook full of notes and new tips to share!

C – (Contribute) – Do your users have a problem they need to share? Do they want to see big changes, or at least see them get started? The conference is the best place to be heard. They can contribute their thoughts and ideas! Chances are, there will be more Super Users at the conference with the same thoughts as them!

Networking Opportunity

This is a networking opportunity that will bump up the productivity! SAPinsight is the first and only community JUST for Super Users, and your users are going to meet a lot of them at the conference. These are the people who can identify with them, brainstorm with them, help them, learn from them, and also teach them. Your Super Users need to meet them! They will learn things they didn’t even know they needed to learn. They will also build a larger network of users to turn to for help or questions.

Wealth of Information

They will come back with a wealth of information to share. All of the things they will learn from the conference, not only from the sessions themselves, but from the keynote speakers, Super Users, and Leader Board, are going to be things that their peers will want to know. They’ll have a lot of stories to tell, a lot of introductions to make, and a lot of information to give once they return!

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